ABF Bee Practical Award

ABF Bee Practical Award

Request for Applications  

The American Beekeeping Federation (ABF) is offering an award for up to $2,000 to a beekeeper with a practical beekeeping idea that is relevant to other beekeepers. The $2,000 will be split in the case more than one awardee is chosen. We are looking to fund one or more individuals that have developed a practical beekeeping practice OR have a practical beekeeping idea that needs funding to be developed.

Examples of practical ideas include, but are not limited to: a novel way of utilizing old bee boxes, an air conditioned bee suit, a more accurate method of sampling for varroa mites, a method of collecting colony information, or a hive design for people with disabilities. Novel ideas will receive a higher rating. 

Awardee(s) will be asked to share their idea with ABF membership in two ways.

  1. Present their idea at the ABF Annual Conference & Tradeshow in January 2023 hosted in Jacksonville, Florida. Conference registration is comped for the winner. 
  2. The awardee(s) must write an article about their idea for the ABF’s Quarterly magazine. 

Submissions will open Summer 2023.

Each application must include: 

  • Applicant’s name, mailing address, email address, and phone number 
  • Summary of idea (1-2 sentences) 
  • If the idea has been completed or if it is an idea that will be developed with the award money 
  • One-page description of the idea for a practical beekeeping practice 
  • One or more images that describe the idea and does not include the applicant


  • Must be a member of the American Beekeeping Federation by the September 1 submission deadline. Go to abfnet.org to become a member. 
  • Must be a beekeeper. Researchers, including students, may apply if you are also a beekeeper. 

Applications will be reviewed by a panel of distinguished ABF Research Committee members and the funds awarded based on the originality, practicality, and feasibility of the idea. One application per person is allowed. Teams, like a beekeeping club, may apply if at least one person is an ABF member. Prior to submission, anyone interested in seeking a patent for their idea should apply for the patent before applying to this award to avoid invalidating the patent application. 

For questions or additional information, contact abfnet.org@gmail.com.