ABF Friends of the Bee Fund

ABF Friends of the Bee Fund

Bee-friend the Honey Bee!

Looking for the perfect way to honor a friend or family member while helping to protect and preserve one of nature’s finest? Make a donation in his or her name to the ABF Friends of the Bee fund!

The ABF Friends of the Bee Fund was established by the American Beekeeping Federation for the purpose of raising funds from the general public as well as beekeepers throughout the world. It will utilize funds for the purpose of education, honey bee health and research into issues that have a detrimental effect on honey bees and beekeepers.

With your generous donation you can help protect the honey bee habitat, aid in the fight against Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), encourage government-sponsored research, assist in the battle against adulterated honey in the marketplace and help ensure the continued role of the honey bee in pollinating one-third of our food supply.

Support the world’s most beneficial insect and become a friend of the bee with your donation of $25, $50 or $100. Donate today to help us tip the balance back in favor of the honey bee and receive a stylish “Friends of the Bee” bumper sticker to display your support. Click here to download the donation form or contact the ABF at 317.503.0533 for assistance. 

ABF Friends of the Bee Fund Values:

  1. It is vitally important that we seek to provide answers to challenges that are causing an unsustainable loss of managed colonies each year.
  1. The honey bee is facing more difficulty today than at any time in its history here in the U.S. A decrease in habitat for forage, adverse agricultural practices, disease, pests and ever increasing use of pesticides in their foraging areas are all contributing factors which affect honey bee health.
  1. It is in the best interest of the industry to continue to inform the public of the importance of the honey bee and its economic impact on our food system.
  1. It is the intention of the ABF Friends of the Bee Fund to provide funding for educational programs as well as small research projects that may not be considered under other programs. The projects could come from beekeepers who may not be scientists but would like to do small research projects under the supervision of the ABF Research Committee. The ABF Research Committee will continually seek out qualified bee researchers who are able to quantify proposed research projects and provide direction for proper evaluation of all approved projects.
  1. The ABF Friends of the Bee Fund will be directed by the ABF Board of Directors, and all decisions made regarding the spending of funds or rewarding of grants for research will ultimately be approved by the ABF Board of Directors.

Click here to donate online and become a friend of the bee.