American Honey Queen Program

American Honey Queen Program

Educating and advocating for beekeepers and United States honey consumption for more then 60 years.

Our Spokespeople

2023 American Honey Queen Selena Rampolla

Selena Rampolla is the daughter of Faye Turke and Renato Rampolla of Lutz and Tampa, Florida. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of South Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. During her academic career, she presented psychological and humanities research at national conferences and earned two student excellence awards. She enjoys exploring the arts and sciences with specific interests in photography, neuroscience, and honey bees. In her free time, she likes to read, practice photography, play 8-ball pool, draw, and keep bees.

2023 American Honey Princess Allison Hager

Allison Hager is the daughter of Danny and Tracey Hager of Bellevue, Iowa. She is a senior at Iowa State University studying Business Management, minoring in Entrepreneurship. Allison has an A.A.S. degree in Agriculture Business from Kirkwood Community College. At Iowa State University, she is an active club member of Collegiate Women in Business and serves as the Recruitment Chair for the Student Chapter of Society for Human Resource Management. She first became interested in beekeeping at the age of 13 and has been beekeeping and advocating for honey bees and other pollinators ever since. In her free time, Allison enjoys crafting, scrapbooking, photography, spending time with her pets, and of course, beekeeping.

Our Goal

The beekeeping industry connects with the lives of every person in the United States. Our goal is to share these connections and why our industry is interesting and unique. We visit schools, fairs and civic organizations, and speak with the media through radio, television and newspaper interviews, all with the goal of advocating for the amazing honey bee and striving to teach consumers about the beauty, versatility, and amazing properties of United States honey.  We strive to increase consumption of honey throughout the United States!

The Honey Queen and Honey Princess share their knowledge in the areas of pollination of our nation’s crops and how dependent we are on the honey bee for agriculture, how honey is a healthy substitute for sugar, and how honey also extends the shelf life of baked products and adds that extra special something, like taste or texture. Our spokespeople bring interaction and engagement to their presentations, such as demonstrating the use of honey through demonstrations or explaining the various parts of the hive. 

These presentations can be adapted for any and all ages and interests, from seniors groups, retail stores, conventions for homemakers, FHA, FFA and the list goes on. 

Kids can learn more about honey bees and beekeeping from the current Honey Queen and Honey Princess by visiting their website:


Schedule a Honey Queen or Honey Princess Visit

To arrange for the American Honey Queen or Princess to visit your area, contact American Honey Queen Program Committee Chair Anna Kettlewell at 414-545-5514 or Please include details about the date(s), type of promotion and any other possible media exposure and other activities planned for the visit.

Click here for additional information regarding program sponsor and host family requirements.


Apply for the American Honey Queen Position

The American Honey Queen Program is inviting women throughout the nation to apply for the 2024 spokesperson positions.

For women who are presently serving as state and local honey queens, full application packets will be sent to coordinators in August 2023.  

For those women in states without an active honey queen program wishing to apply, click here for more information.

For the detailed position description, click here.


Support Us

The American Honey Queen Program is dependent on financial gifts to complete our important work. 90% of the funds donated to the Program directly support the work of the Queen and Princess, with a very small amount going to administrative needs. No funds are used for salaries as this program is completely volunteer run. Will you support our work?

Honey Queen Recipe Brochures

Honey Queen recipe brochures are sent for free to organizations and groups that host the Honey Queen or Honey Princess. If you wish to have recipe brochures for your promotions but cannot host the Honey Queen or Honey Princess, you may purchase brochures at a cost of $10 per 100 brochures, plus shipping charges. Click here to view 2023 Honey Queen recipe brochure in PDF format.

To order brochures, please contact:

Tami Kuehl
P.O. Box 220
Loup City, NE 68853
Phone: 308-745-0154