Honey Facts

About Honey

What is honey? How is it “manufactured?” In what forms is honey available? Why are there so many colors? All this and much more is available from the National Honey Board at www.honey.com.

Want to Buy Honey?

Do you want to buy honey from a certain area? With a special flavor? Try the National Honey Board’s Honey Locator at www.honeylocator.com. Also, local beekeepers often sell at farmers markets or roadside stands.

ABF Honey Defense Fund

The purpose of the ABF Honey Defense Fund is to help protect the image of honey and ensure the purity of honey in the marketplace by testing honey samples suspected of being adulterated with a cheaper sweetener and funding honey purity research. You can participate by sending samples of suspect honey for testing or providing examples of products admitting to being blends of honey and other sweeteners but which bear misleading labels. For additional information on submitting samples and examples, please contact the ABF at info@abfnet.org or 518.694.9793.

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USDA Annual Honey Production Report