Resources for Beekeepers

When There’s Something You Need to Know

All beekeeping is regional. Some information in the below resources may not apply to your location. 

Inspection Services


Gardening, Habitat and Forage


Bee Identification


Local Government Regulations

Beekeeping Ordinance Examples




Beginning Beekeeping


Advanced Beekeeper Courses


Beekeeping Business


Large-Scale Beekeeping


Honey Bee Health and Loss


Pathogen and Pest Testing Facilities and Services

  • USDA Lab Beltsville, MD
    Test for bacterial (American Foulbrood), fungal and microsporidian diseases as well as for two species of parasitic mites and other pests associated with honey bees (i.e., small hive beetle, Aethina tumida)


Diseases and Pests


Veterinarians and Honey Bees




Grower Resources


Beekeeping Calendars




Queen Bees


Beekeeping or Apiculture Books, Pamphlets and Journals


Grant Opportunities for Beekeepers


International Organizations